Thurrock and Modern Councillor

Thurrock Borough Council has recently begun offering Modern Councillor to its Councillors. Read what Thurrock’s Councillor Danny Nicklen thinks of the e-learning service from Learning Pool.

Where did you hear about Modern Councillor?

I heard about Modern Councillor from an internal memo which was sent through our department. I contacted my Member Development Officer who forwarded my information on how to log on to Modern Councillor and start the courses.

What course/s have you looked at?

I have looked at two courses so far, Code of Conduct and Overview and Scrutiny.

What do you think of the courses?

I think the courses are a brilliant learning tool. The courses clearly outline my role and responsibilities as a councillor, which is great.

Each course covered areas which, before taking the course, I had not realised their importance to me in my role as a councillor.

In your opinion does this form of training have any benefits over classroom training?

Totally, it allows me to fit training around my schedule and do the training any where, at any time, especially at the moment as it is very difficult for me to free up enough time in my diary for classroom training.

Using Modern Councillor I can train anytime and from the comfort of my own home, which I really like.

Would you recommend Modern Councillor to another Councillor?

I certainly would! I plan to recommend it to other councillors from my council and anyone else who asks me about the service.

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