Wigan and Modern Councillor

Wigan Council has recently begun offering Modern Councillor to its Councillors. Read what Councillor Ged Bretherton thinks of the e-learning service from Learning Pool.

Where did you hear about Modern Councillor?

I first heard about Modern Councillor through an awareness session set up by MDO’s here at Wigan Council. At the session I received the web address, log in and other details about Learning Pool and the Modern Councillor service.

What course/s have you looked at?

I’ve looked at nine courses so far, six of which I have completed and three of which I’ve still to finish.

What do you think of the courses?

I have found the courses to be excellent and of a very high standard.

What I enjoy the most about the courses is their bite-sized nature. This allows me to complete small sections at a time which I find extremely user friendly and enables me to do a little training almost every day and at a time which suits me.

In your opinion does this form of training have any benefits over classroom training?

Yes, apart from being bite-sized I love the fact i can do training in my own time, when it suits me. I can sit at home and top up my skills without needing to go to the office and even train over the weekends.

Would you recommend Modern Councillor to another Councillor?

Yes, definitely. I have been a councillor for over two and a half years and still learned something new from the courses. I believe it is a great service which makes training much easier for councillors.

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