Are you ready for the Alternative Vote referendum on 5 May?

On Thursday 5 May 2011, there will be a referendum on the voting system we use to elect MPs to the House of Commons.

Learning Pool has created a free and comprehensive e-learning module all about the Alternative Vote in time for the referendum.

A referendum asks us to vote yes or no to a proposal.  For this referendum, we will receive a ballot paper with this question:

‘At present, the UK uses the ‘first past the post’ system to elect MPs to the House of Commons. Should the ‘alternative vote’ system be used instead?’

There will be a public awareness campaign starting from early April when Electoral Commission will be dropping a booklet through all our doors giving information about the elections and referendum.

You can view the booklet here (pdf).

The booklet will be supported by television, radio and online advertising, as well as media relations work.  The main message of the campaign will be encouraging people to look out for their booklet.

The Electoral Commission has also designated the official lead Yes and No campaigners for the referendum on the UK voting system on Thursday 5 May.

The Commission designated ‘Yes in May 2011 Ltd’ (campaigning as Yes to Fairer Votes) as the lead ‘Yes’ campaigner and ‘No Campaign Limited’ (campaigning as NO to AV) as the lead ‘No’ campaigner.

The two campaigners will now have access to benefits including an increased campaign spending limit of £5 million each, a public grant of up to £380,000 each, referendum broadcasts, a free delivery of campaign material to voters and the use of public rooms.

After completing the Learning Pool Alternative Vote Explained module the learner will know:

  • about the context for the forthcoming referendum
  • how the current system work
  • show the alternative vote system will work

The module also presents the cases for and against the proposals to help citizens make an informed choice, and there are links to further resources on the subject.

Learning Pool subscribers can download the module and deliver it to your staff, via your DLE if you have one and also put the module on your corporate website for your citizens to take*.

*to do this simply download the zip file as normal, unzip into position on your corporate website and then link to the index.htm file to launch.

We would like as wide a distribution as possible for this free e-learning module so if you think you have other uses for it then please let me know.  The module will also be available shortly for all visitors to the Learning Pool website to take, without any registration.


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