Training resources for Polling Station Staff

Modern Councillor is brought to you by Learning Pool, the online learning community for the public sector. A great advantage of this is that we are able to share with Modern Councillor subscribers resources created by our customers around local democracy. Learning Pool customer, LB Waltham Forest, has created an online training course to support polling station staff and has shared it with theLearning Pool community for others to use for free.

The course provides links and resources for polling station staff involved in the referendum on the voting system for UK Parliamentary elections being held 5 May 2011.

The topic outline for the course is shown below and can be viewed here.

Support for polling station staff

1. Demonstration of the voting procedure

* Demonstration of voting procedure for voters coming into the polling station (short Captivate animation)

2. Videos of dealing with voters at the polling station

* How to greet and deal with a voter
* How not to greet and deal with a voter
* How do I vote?
* What is the referendum about?
* What do you do if you think someone has already voted?

3. Quiz for polling station staff

* Polling Station Staff Quiz: referendum on the voting system. A short quiz to test your knowledge of the polling place processes

4. Alternative Vote explained

A short e-learning module that provides a quick guide to alternative vote. Once completed learners will:

* Be aware of the context for the forthcoming referendum
* Understand how the proposed alternative vote system will work
* Know what supporters of alternative vote say
* Know what opponents of alternative vote say
* Click on the link below to take this course
* Alternative Vote e-Learning module

Let us know if you think this would make a good learning resource for our Modern Councillor service by emailing or leave your comments below! You can find out more information on Learning Pool’s DLE here.  Sign-up for the Modern Councillor Community and start sharing your own resources!


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